Bojana Cello Music

About me

I am Bojana and I've been playing the cello since I was five years old. I graduated in Cello Performance at the age of 21 and ever since I have been active as an artist in Germany.  Live shows and studio recording are definitely what I like doing most and so far I have been lucky to play and record for and with Santiano (DE) , Atentat (BiH), Till Simon (DE) Grausame Töchter (DE), Herrenmagazin (DE), Mark Scheibe (DE) and many more. I am a proud member of  BalkanCello, where I play and sing traditional music of Balkan, modernly arranged.  I am honoured to accompany Adoro on their Tours since 2012. Stay tuned for more and check out my social media pages. If you want to see and hear me play, check out my videos



Studio recording

Live shows / Tours

Crossover music / Pop-Rock

Orchestra and chamber music


Fun facts
Hobbies: Wine and food
Favorite music: Mood defined, Rock and Electro Pop, Vocal Jazz
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian

Favorite chilhood memory: The smell of tomatoes from my grandpa´s garden